Robert Ball II (Bob) graduated from West Virginia University School of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. With over 40 years of experience in chemical, process and mechanical engineering, Bob brings a depth of understanding in many manufacturing venues. He has had extensive training and experience in pressure relief devices and explosive dust materials.

Bob has most recently completed an extensive effort for a client on Relief System Design. IDI completed information summaries and files for 867 Pressure Relief Devices identifying extensive calculation and installation deficiencies. This work required field review, identification of installation inadequacies with a system sketch. Many PRD issues were identified for corrective action, and several critical PRDs requiring calculations were completed in a timely manor.

Bob (IDI) is a DIERS Group member and recently completed a series of PRD Reactivity Calculations involving Two-Phase Flow. Calculations were completed by interfacing extensively with a DIERS Group Senior Specialist.

Another client required Process Safety Management (PSM) reviews and PRD calculations. API 520/521 and 29 CFR OSHA 1910.119/OSHA 1910.106 regulations were used as a basis  for Pressure Relief Devices (PRDs) calculations on equipment in operating units. Many devices did not have complete or current calculations. Safety reviews and PRD calculations for 13 different process units were completed. This accounted for approximately 600 devices on reactors, reactor jackets, process vessels, distillation columns, heat exchangers and storage tanks. All process operating units were in full compliance with OSHA regulations following corrective actions.

Prior to working at Apex Engineering, Bob led a $1MM Dust Management project at Shell Chemical, Belpre, OH. This project was identified by Bob while reviewing the organic/combustible dust handling in the Compounding Unit. The project included bonding, grounding, conductive bags, bag house venting, equipment isolation, flash-back prevention, deflagration suppression and flame snuffing design. While working with Apex, he led the design of facilities to prevent deflagration of explosive dust and vapors, or in worst case relieve such deflagrations safely. As IDI, Bob was hired as a consultant to Cabot Corporation related to a combustible dust explosion and executed a subsequent $2MM design to prevent future explosions.


List of Completed Continuing Education classes on the latest pressure relief device and combustible dust issues:

  •  Member of AIChE DIERS Group

  • Union Carbide Corp. Certified PRD Engineer 

  • Controlling Electrostatic Hazards Associated with Liquid and Powder Processing

  • Assessment and Control of Dust Explosion Hazards

  • Dust Control: Guidelines on Compliance with New Federal Directive